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Retail - Ai


Ai is revolutionizing the way retailers operate, offering innovative solutions that enhance customer experiences, streamline operations and boost profitability. This page gives an overview exploring various ways Ai is reshaping the retail sector. 



A.i Tech Crowd

A.i. Tech CROWD is an application that uses the most advanced vision and artificial intelligence algorithms, combined with a deep neural network capable of detecting people within the scene. It is the video analytics solution designed to meet a variety of needs that may arise in buildings, museums, restaurants, shops, shopping malls, airports, train stations or in various areas of the city.

A.i Tech MASKING guarantee people’s privacy, thanks to the ability to mask in real time specific areas of interest, statically identified, or in general any moving object within one or more areas of interest.

A.i Tech - Masking




Ai. Tech - Lost

A.i Tech LOST application identifies abandoned or removed objects in areas of interest. The app places no limits on the number of virtual sensors that can be defined within the framed scene and can be used for indoor and outdoor environments and in combination with both traditional and thermal cameras.

A.i Tech PEOPLE is a video analytics application designed to count people passing through virtual sensors configured on the video stream of a camera installed at a gate or entrance.

A.i Tech - People

People Counting

A.i Tech - POS Masking

Noema POS MASKING Increases your point of sale security while maintaining the privacy of your customers .

Noema Logo

POS Masking


Intrusion Detection

A.i Tech INTRUSION is a video analytics application designed to detect intrusions or loitering of people, animals or vehicles in forbidden areas.

Ai Tech  Intrusion
Carparking with boxes_edited.jpg

A.i Tech PARKING is the video analytics app that can automatically detect the occupancy status of a parking spot, identifying whether it is free or occupied.





A.I. Tech HEAT is a video analytics solution designed to meet the needs of marketers. It is ideal for scenarios where you want to know how customers move around your facilities and in which areas do people most frequent.

Heatmap of Gym
Face Detect

Face Detection

A.i Tech  Face Detect.jpg

A.i Tech FACE DETECT is a video analytics app that can detect faces within an area, generating an alarm if faces are (or are not) covered by a mask. The app utilizes the most advanced deep neural networks for both face detection and face analysis.

A.i. Tech BIO is the video analytics application able to detect faces and distinguish the gender, estimate the age and recognize the emotion (in a specific instant of time) of one or more persons using deep neural networks.



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