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Flood Detection

Flood Detection

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Key Features

Key Benefits

Edge Side Analysis

The computer vision application from NOEMA uses cutting edge digital ruler and water segmentation technology to deliver real-time insights and alarm notifications relating to water levels and floods.

Key Features 

Digital Rulers

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Digital Ruler

Digital staff gauges or rulers are applied to the image for a contactless approach to measuring and monitoring levels of standing or moving water.


The application generates easily digestible metadata that can be sent to a flood monitoring system where water levels are recorded and tracked in real-time. The generated data can be separated out to the original, or augmented frame with a timestamp of the event and information related to water level.


Alarm thresholds can be set for each virtual ruler and these events can be sent in real time to an intended recipient such as an Operation Control Centre. A camera image can be attached to these alerts.

In an era defined by escalting impacts of climate change, the necessity for advanced technologies to address natural disasters like floods has never been more critical.

Water Segmentation

Flood - Water segmentation icon

Water Segmentation

This application can be configured to cover a predefined area which it will monitor for water coverage. When the water reaches a custom defined threshold then an alarm event is triggered.


It is possible to use both elements of the computer vision technology at the same time. For example a river water level can be monitored via digital rulers whilst monitoring areas around the body of water for flooding from other sources.

Remote Application

The application can be configured remotely making installation and adjustments to the flood detection system simple and extremely cost effective.

Edge Side Analysis

The computer vision applications are installed and run directly on board an industrial Ai device.  This reduces the network load and only events of interest are sent to external systems.

Flood - Edge Side Analysis diagraph

Server Side Analysis

Analysis of the video stream is undertaken by the computer vision application on-board the server.  With greater processing power the servers provide the ability to analyse multiple video stream simulateaneously and at higher frame rates.

Flood - Server Side Analysis diagraph

Ai Ecosystem

Early Warning

Operating 24/7 the Ai computer vision application provides real-time monitoring of vast areas and automates the process of flood detection, eliminating the need for manual monitoring.

Ai Hardware for solution

Cutting Edge Ai Devices

The Ai hardware transforms existing cameras, enhancing their function through Ai technology and deep learning models. It comes preloaded with the computer vision application. Multiple applications can be loaded onto the appliance and used simultaneously.

Flood - Metadata results graph


Software applications and programs receive the generated data for visualisation or to perform specific tasks.

Key Benefits

Flood Detection with Ai


Flood detection systems can be deployed in remote inaccessible areas or in urban environments where traditional sensors are impractical and flash floods happen without limited warning. 

The system can easily be scaled to cover large geographical areas, especially if optical sensors from survelliance networks are utilised

Flood Detection solution in place

Cost Effective

Although there are initial setup costs, the system proves more cost-effective in the long term than traditional monitoring methods.  It offers task automation, remote configuration, and utilises existing survellaince infrastructure, reducing the need for extensive human resources.

Flood - Water Segmentation Ai


Advanced computer vision algorithms can accurately identify flood-related features such as water bodies, submerged objects, or changes in terrain morphology, minimising false alarms and ensuring reliable detection.

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Neologic is a Technology partner providing cutting edge Ai computer vision solutions for Flood Detection. In collaboration with our channel partners, we can provide a complete solution that comprises of optical sensors, flood detection algorithms, Ai hardware and communication equipment.


The Ai Flood Detection system alerts authorities and communities to impending floods in advance, enabling them to take preventative action like deploying emergency response teams or dynamically altering transportation routes through signage.

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