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Neologic is a supplier of Ai technology solutions, specialising in Smart Video Analysis.

What We Offer

Navigate your way through the AI landscape with Neologic

At Neologic, we are more than just a channel-only supplier of AI computer vision technology; we provide industry leading products and solutions to maximise your company's potential.

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Tank level monitoring alert

See Beyond Pixels

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Transform industries with cutting edge AI vision

Visualise Data

Turn pixels into insights and get real-time intelligence on any event.

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Monitor events and metrics through an intuitive, easy to use dashboard.  Collect, aggregate, analyse and display the events generated from the computer vision applications in real-time.

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Gather the information produced by any deployed intelligent IOT devices and computer vision applications. Third-party data and events can be sent to the dashboard via the support of MQTT and HTTP communication protocols.

Aggregate icon

The Dashboard provides the ability to create rules to combine the data gathered from various devices and manage it as though it came from a single device. Consider a system in which multiple cameras capture the same scene. With the help of the Dashboard, you can quickly determine the average number of people captured by each camera or the environment's average occupancy.

Visualise icon

Visualise the gathered data as tables, graphs, and maps using the fully configurable dashboard, and compare it in real time or historically. To provide instant insights, more data can be added, such as weather services, point-of-sale conversions, or data from integrated sources. Examine the gathered information to find patterns and additional measures that enhance business intelligence as a whole.

Everything you Need

All you require to successfully implement a computer vision solution.

Deep Learning Applications

Stay ahead of the curve with our exceptional computer vision packages. From object recognition and tracking to image segmentation and reconstruction, our software and product offerings cater to diverse industries and applications.

Flexible Deployment

Our computer vision application can be easily deployed and scaled to fit your system architecture, with options to use embedded hardware or edge devices like AI cameras.

Privacy Preserving

Profit from computer vision produced in an ethical and responsible manner. Anonymise people and sensitive information, whilst still obtaining insightful information. Limit who has access to systems and data and avoid transferring or storing any video data.

Cross Platform Integrations

Seamlessly Integrate our applications with third party systems in your installation such as VMS, SCADA, and BMS. leverage real time events, alerts and aggregated data to optimise your clients system.

Added Value

We help you uncover opportunities and win them with solutions end users just cannot buy from anyone else. Transform cameras into intelligent IOT devices and mine the valuable insights. 


We are here to support you at every stage, providing pre-sales consultations, site planning tools, training, and all the necessary documentation you require.

Data Analysis

Monitor events and metrics in real-time at device level. Build custom dashboards and reports with ready-made charts. Explore and drill-down data, and build custom queries.

Turn Key Solutions

Unlock the power of computer vision with our turnkey solutions. Tailored to your needs with ready-to-use hardware and software packages for seamless integration and immediate results.

Custom Applications

If your business needs a bespoke solution that's not currently available, then our expert partners are ready to help with development.

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" Neologic really took the time to listen to our needs and provided us with an innovative, cost effective solution that is unparalleled.  They have enabled us to go further and expand our operations effortlessly.  An exceptional technology partner, who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. "


Managing Director of Commercial Dive Specialists


Some of our partners and suppliers

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We want to work with you - turning problems into solutions and uncertainty into opportunity with trust, integrity, responsibility and purpose.  Let's grow and succeed together.

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